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Andrew Galdi is a Pennsylvania-based artist with a talent for calligraphy and wildlife painting.  As a child, his favorite subjects were science fiction and fantasy.  He was also fascinated by movies and animation from China and Japan, and loved to spend hours trying to recreate on paper what he saw in the films.
His talent for drawing led him to study illustration and painting at Penn State University and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  His interest in Asian arts grew over the years to include calligraphy, ink painting, bonsai and martial arts.
In 2001, Andrew met Hengyi Aixinjueluo and studied with her in the Chinese style of ink and watercolor painting.  Since he did not speak Chinese, he learned the techniques without verbal instruction by following her movements and concentrating on details such as brush orientation and pressure.  As a result, his paintings capture more of the spirit of the subjects.

Today Andrew continues to study ink painting and Japanese calligraphy.  He holds the rank of Go dan (5th degree) in Shodo and has taught at a collegiate level.  He has several collectors and has exhibited in many venues.


Art serves three purposes for me.  It is a means for me to challenge myself, a voice for my environmental interests and a healing outlet that fosters a sense of calm and well-being.  My art is a modern take on Sumi-e painting.  I use all the traditional elements of the art form with a mix of western techniques and media to achieve a unique look.  My inspiration comes from nature and also good design.  I am fascinated by Asian culture, especially different forms of Asian art, from calligraphy to bonsai and suiseki and even martial arts like Taijiquan.  In all of my work I aim to fuse these elements together to capture the spirit of the subject matter in a way that speaks to people.

Ink and Brush Arts
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